Service 1

We provide the safest way to Transport your Hemp Drug Products and Hemp Drug Money Worldwide, without the Threat of having all of your belongings confiscated by the Federal Government and Local State Law Enforcement. Hundreds of Millions of Dollars are being seized and destroyed by not having the Proper License to Transport International or State from State. We take the Stress out of your hands, because Hemp Cargo Transports with an Insurance Bond, guarantying your investment in Hemp Drugs or Hemp Drug Money is safe at all times with Hemp Cargo.  


Service 2

We provide 24/7 Year Round Transportation from Coast to Coast, and Worldwide, so you will never loose any Clients during any time of the Year. Our Hemp Transportation Vehicles are Secured with Non-Criminal Back Ground Check Armed Guards and a Global Tracking System installed in your Hemp Cargo, so that you will know exactly where your Hemp Stash/Money is located at, at all times!


Service 3

Banks are not permitted by Law to store any type of Drugs or Drug Money. We provide Secure Vaults to allow you to Safely Store your Legal Hemp Drugs and Legal Hemp Money, until the time is needed to make Purchases or Sells. Your Hemp Drugs and Hemp Drug Money is secured with an Insurance Bond, to prevent any types of looses on our Behalf, which will be prevented at all Cost, even if someone looses their life. We Pickup or Deliver anytime of the Day or Night, making sure you never have enough to loose…..